Dominik Wrotniak D.O. FSCCO

Diploma of Osteopathy

Fellowship of Sutherland Cranial College of Ostopathy

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Frequently Asked Questions

open Is therapy safe?

It can depend on several criteria that have to be established. The therapist’s qualifications and professional experience can determine the paitents prefered outcome. The therapeutic strategy is based on the routine of Jonh Wehrnam College of Classical Osteopathy and Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy. In many European countries, the must-have criteria is the physiotherapy degree or medical school diploma. The osteopathic education takes four years during which the emphasis is put on basic medical sciences. Moreover, students are trained in physical examination numerous manual interventions. The education ends with an exam covering the scope of the four years of education and writing and defending the thesis. After that, the alumnus is authorised to the usage of title D.O. (diploma of osteopathy). Only those credentials allow to describe oneself as an osteopath. Therefore it is a very safe and natural healing inducive practice

open What age is allowed for the therapy?

There is no minimum or maximum age.

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